The ROMP Stage


The ROMP Stage
Unlike any other

Stage Set Up

Like all mPole Events, ROMP has a custom-built stage, built around the unique poles that mPole has manufactured.

The ROMP Stage has a single 45mmm Stainless Steel Pole built into a 3m x 3m stage set into a giant four-poster bed, in a paddock. This competition is to take place outside on a rural property called "Roselee Friesians" outside the Maitland CBD.

For the Pole section of this competition (Amateur, Semi-Pro & Open Pole Sections), you can select either Resistance Spinning or Static. As the Stage only has one pole, your selection will be for your entire performance, so please select carefully.

For the Floor section of this competition (Amateur, Semi-Pro & Open Floor Sections), the pole will be removed by ROMP, and you will have a flat 3m x 3m floor space to perform on.

A little more about the mPole's Poles, in which the Stage is built around.
mPole's Poles have been seen at national events like the
Australian Summer Pole Camp 2011 & 2012,
Australian Doubles Championships 2015 &
Australian Pole Expo 2017 & 2018
Built into the Polation Stage 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.
Built into the Miss mPole Stage 2012, 2013, 2016 & 2019
And are used every day in mPole Studios at all our locations.

We welcome you to come to play on, during our practice times to get a feel for them, before the competition.

Be sure to check out the Judging Criteria